Dr A Kant Sharma

Introduction: Dr A Kant Sharma

डॉ. ए कांत शर्मा

Senior Naturopath, Motivational Speaker, MSc., BEd, ND, Ayur Ratna, Reiki Master, Su-Jok(Russia)


Yoganchal Naturopathy Center is lucky to find honorary services of Dr. A Kant Sharma “Senior Naturopath and International Motivator”. Dr. A Kant is Rendering services in different fields like Natural Health, Mind Power, Spiritual Happiness, Inter-Personal Relationship, Positive Life Style, Psychological Healing, Music Therapy, Meditation.

Dr. A. KANT SHARMA  has deep interest and Knowledge in various alternative therapies i.e. Naturopathy, Yoga, Meditation, Acupressure, Su-jok, Reiki, Music Therapy, Panch-Gavya , Panch-Karma, Ayurveda and Spiritual Healing.


His Achievements :

Being masters in Science, Dr. A.Kant Sharma has clear technical scientific approach in the field of alternative therapies, religion and spiritualism.

Foreign Experience: Trustees of Maritime Gita Bhawan, Canada, Dr. Ram and Nirmal Singhal got highly influenced by Dr. A.Kant’s Practical Knowledge in the field of Natural Health, Religion and spirituality. They sponsered his visit to Canada in 1998 to give benefits to Indo-Canadian community.

He visited Canada second time with his wife Dr. Roopa Sharma in the year 2004 on sponsorship by same society. He also delivered lectures on Vedanta (Geeta and Upnishads) in various parts of Indo-Canadian society.

Dr. A. Kant is also Honorary Director of  Yoganchal Prakratik Chikitsa(Regd.)

Books Written by Dr. A. Kant Sharma :

  1. Vichar Shakti Ke Chamatkaar
  2. Safal Vidyarthi Jeevan
  3. Nirmal Mann Nirogi Kaya
  4. Ahar Vihar Dwara Prakratik Chikitsa

-Chief Adviser :- “Anand Yog” Swastya Patrika

Public Programs by Dr. A. Kant Sharma :

  • All-round Development Programs (ADPs), Psychological Healing, Natural Lifestyle for students, teachers, parents,  senior citizens, doctors and medical staff, officers, corporate groups and Home-makers.
  • Impact of Positive attitude and Positive Thinking, Hypnosis.
  • Camps on YOGA and Naturopathy, Acupressure and SU-Jok.
  • Lectures on Vedanta (Geeta and Upnishad).

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