Ayurveda & Panchkarma


In modern way of life ayurvedic treatment especially the panchkarma treatment are very effective not only to patients but also to the hard working professionals of various fields of day to day activities for the massage + stem bath pure ayurvedic herbs are used in yoganchal for the patients. Massage with medicated oil along with steam bath is given for a specific period after preliminary treatment. It tones improves circulation, retains energy, eliminate toxin reduce fat imparts  beauty and feeling of youthfulness and vigor

Pizhichil – massage with lukewarm medicated herbals oil applied on all part of body in a special rhythmic way for about 1 hour per day, it is effective in joint pain, nervous disorders, stiffness of limbs etc.

Sirodhare – prescribed herbals oils, medicated herbal liquid, milk or butter milk etc are powered on the forehead in a special method is good for mental tension, insomnia, depression, lack of concentration etc.

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