Divine Music Therapy

“Music is a form of magic which touches soul and heal you internally.” -Ajay S. Manager BharatLalkaar.com

Music in ancient Indian culture and Civilization:-

Indian god and godess invented and used music for positivity peace and meditation. Loard shiva created 5 ragas Bhairva, Megh, Deepak, Hindol and Shree sequentially associated to earth, water, fire, vaiyu and either/aakash also known as Panchmahabhoot. Human body is composed by these 5 elements, balance between these 5 elements considered to be a healthy body and the dis-balanced created among them 5-elements can be re-balanced by different ragas.

Lord Krishna used to play flute which spread peace not only among human but also for animals.

Goddess Saraswati, who is considered to be Veena-Vadini. Narad use to play Taanpura, God Vishnu is use to play Shankh, God Shiva use to play damroo during Tandav dance, God Hanuman use to play khartaal. Sankh, dhoal, nagada, gharial has been used in temples and in happy movement and before bettle for encouragement himself and develop fear in enemy.

Music is used as music therapy now a days as life style is badly disturbed.


Team for music therapy

Yoganchal music therapy provides rag based music therapy in yoganchal music therapy (YMT)

A team of experts select the appropriate music for various fields of diseases to be cure

  1. Expert Indian classical musician (guru)
  2. Psychologist
  3. Doctors of different therapies
  4. Yoga therapist, meditation expert
  5. Spiritual leaders (guru) Artists of yoganchal music therapy use to give, stage performance in India and abroad.

Therapy (YMT) therapeutic effect of yoganchal music therepy :-

Yoganchal music gives therapeutie effect and help to cure on physical and mental level of helpist balance body mind and social.

Yoganchal music therepy bring down

  1. YMT effect on tuorght and clam down the mind and help to attain meditation state act as tranquilliser
  2. YMT act as mood altering. It actras countrasting medicine, as cold wets spong bath is given to high fever patients.
  3. Bring down foustration, increases power of concentration cognition and memory.

Music and chekre meditation

Figure              ni- shasrar

Dhe- ajive

Pa- visudhi

Ma- anahats

gre- mquipur

Ri- swadintrin

Sa- mulidhar

The seleetru of music for each individual has to be done by the music therapist based on informal falk or a formal filled by candidate.

Effect of music therepy:-

Various ragas used for divine music therapy effect commonly deserbe as under

  1. Balancing body mind and soul
  2. Positive effect on centrel nervous systems
  3. Control autonomous nervous system
  4. Balance and proper coordination of physiology and metabolism of body.
  5. Increases energy council
  6. Increases capacity concentration and incrases learning capacity
  7. Enhancement memory
  8. Out of 12 cranial mecre 10 and linued to ear, indicrting the infurtance system and recharge the cortex of the bsas.


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